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  After doing hair for many years I embarked on a journey to offer the best extensions possible for my clients. This is when I found the company NBR (Natural Beaded Rows). Their education and academy is like getting your masters in Hand-tied hair extensions. I am meticulous, creative and caring. I want to help woman feel their very best and most powerful versions of themselves.

What if your hair reflected a deep connection with your soul? That authenticity is what we are all looking for. 
    I feel blessed to make that journey over and over with my clients, we live life together and evolve together. We create beautiful hair together.

I love every minute of it. 
    What do I do when I’m not at work? Educator, Entrepreneur, Drummer, dog mom, the list goes on. Life is pretty busy with what I am doing and who I am becoming. 
    Last note… I like long walks on the beach. 😉

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